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"Dot Reflection"

Complete Drop Down Longboard
10" x 40"

Road Rider- 72mm 78a Wheels
Road Rider- 180 Trucks

Blue Pink Purple Finish

Brand new

Complete race/downhill/freeride board from Santa Cruz skateboards.

It is kitted out with 9.8" wide Road Rider reverse kingpin trucks (Made by Santa Cruz) and 72mm 78a Road Rider wheels.
The trucks are very similar to Paris 180s (a tried and tested design), they turn very similar, are strong and stable at speed despite still turning sharply. The hanger can also be flipped over to alter the turning angle by a few degrees.

The wheels are made by Road Rider.   In the 70s they had 3 main wheels out the 2s, 4s and Road Rider 6s (plus the Henry Hester slalom wheel).
These new versions are bigger at 72mm, softer and much faster & smoother rolling...very similar performance to old 70mm Red Kryptonics and like those they are 78a hardness.

These ones now feature centred bearings for more even wear.
They are as fast as any longboard wheels I've riden plus grip really well but can also be made to slide.
It's a resistant slide that takes off a lot of speed, but hooks up smoothly & like most grippy wheels they slide easier once well worn in.

The deck is constructed of maple-9 plys to give extra strength and a deep concave to provide rigidity and really hold you in there.
It is rock solid with loads of room for your feet and "dropped down" so you are nice and low/stable. This makes foot braking, pushing and sliding easier than on a not drop platform deck. The top edges are sharpish to help with board feel.
The symmetrical shape and cut away ends means no wheelbite worries and freeride switchness is possible too.