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The best thing about fear is that it challenges us to rise above the hard times and ultimately OWN each moment and make it our own. We live each day as if it’s our last and we don’t give into the normality or tradition of life because we crave more than that, we want to feel fulfilled. We feed off the adrenaline that pulses through our bodies as we delve fearlessly into the next opportunity that destiny has thrown our way. We whole-heartedly believe that there is more to life than mundane routines and we want to get out into the world to chase our dreams, feel the wind in our hair and the strength in our motives. We lay ourselves on the line and we risk it all, why? Because tomorrow isn’t promised and we live in the here and now. We won’t stop until we get what we desire and, trust me, I don’t even think we’ll stop there. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and do something today that scares the life out of you. Be Fearless…Why wooden’t you?